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Tiny Habits for Sugar-Free Living

Struggling with food and cravings? Do you. . .

  • Hear food calling you from the fridge or pantry?
  • Crave sweets even though you just ate?
  • Linger at the cupboard trying to will yourself to walk away before you eat every sweet in there?
  • Binge on sugary treats, feel sick, regret it, but…..repeat it anyway?
  • Promise yourself you’ll eat healthily. . . tomorrow (but you don’t)?
  • Wake up groggy and foggy and drag yourself through the day?
  • Find yourself thinking about food most of the day?
  • Beat yourself up because you lack willpower and discipline around food?

It doesn’t have to be this way!


With this course, you can:

  • Break free of cravings.
  • End the binge/repent/repeat cycle of eating.
  • Stop beating yourself up over your food choices.
  • Have consistent energy throughout the day.
  • Say, “No,” to sweets without feeling deprived.
  • Have a healthier relationship with food (and yourself).
  • Stop self-loathing behavior and start a more loving relationship with yourself.


This course is for you if you want to reduce sugar cravings and have a healthier relationship with food.


You don’t need to say goodbye to sugar forever unless you want to!  Behavior Design experts, Andrea Spyros and Juni Felix, along with Stanford behavior research scientist, Dr. BJ Fogg give you a science-based system to take control of your sugar intake in a way that works for you. Using proven methods, you will be able to design for lasting, sustainable change. 

Included in this online, self-directed course:

  • 10 modules with short, easy video lessons
  • 10 downloadable pdfs
  • 100 Tiny Habit recipes you can implement right away
  • Practical tools to handle cravings in the moment
  • BONUS One-hour audio to help you stop bad habits
  • BONUS: Email access to Juni & Andrea for questions
  • BONUS Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace


This course is not about weight loss, fad diets, or deprivation. There are no food plans, calorie counters, or the like. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The course meets you where you are and supports you in designing a plan for lasting change using a proven system backed by science.


Join today! Start right away! Release yourself from the grip of cravings, shame, and blame over food. Get control over your habits and experience yourself as someone who can eat what they love and love what they eat.


Questions? We got you! 

Contact us: Andrea & Juni

Tiny Habits® for Sugar-Free Living

Module 1 - Welcome, What to Expect, Introductions

If you have struggled with food, cravings, mood, or energy levels, you are not alone. Juni and Andrea have been there. Hear their stories and meet the rest of the team, BJ Fogg (founder of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and New York Times best-selling author of Tiny Habits) and  fellow Behavior Design expert, Stephanie Weldy. You’ll dive in with five proven Tiny Habit recipes. 

(16 minutes)


Module 1A - Techniques to Soothe You & Support Your Success

Coming soon! Quick, easy techniques you can use to quiet cravings, handle challenging emotions, navigate setbacks and keep calm. 


Module 2 - Identity Shift to Sugar-Free Success

You will learn:

  • the single most important skill in designing for lasting change 
  • five ways to change your environment to set yourself up for success
  • the top three mistakes that keep you stuck
  • how to make Tiny transformative

(22 minutes)


Module 3 - Tiny Habits Method

Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and New York Times bestselling author of Tiny Habits, teaches you his method for forming habits that last.

(16 minutes)


Module 4 - Design Your Habits

Resources so you can design your own Tiny Habits recipes.

(12 minutes)


Module 5 - Emotions Create Habits

Learn how to hack your emotions so you can form habits FAST and build success momentum.

(30 minutes)


Module 6 - Celebrate

Congratulations! You passed the halfway point! Juni & Andrea celebrate your success.


Module 7 - Practice & Revise Your Habits

Learn how to troubleshoot and revise your habits so you can navigate any challenge that arises.

(17 minutes)


Module 8 - A Systematic Approach

You will learn:

  • the #1 mindset shift that will set you up for success
  • how to identify the top habits that are holding you back
  • how to match your behavior to your motivation to create consistency
  • easy techniques for handling cravings in the moment so you don’t get sidetracked

(18 minutes)


BONUS: Tiny Habits certified coaches teach Chapter Untangling Bad Habits from the New York Times bestselling book, Tiny Habits.


Module 9 - Habiteer Culture in Your Home

You’ve designed and created new habits for yourself. Imagine what it would be like to support others in your home to do the same.

(10 minutes)


Module 10 - Wrap Up & Next Steps

Congratulations! You did it! Whether or not you’ve chosen to be completely sugar-free, you have the skills and methods to design whatever change you desire. We encourage you to take this out into the world making it a happier and healthier place to be.

(7 minutes)

Questions? We got you! 

Contact us: Andrea & Juni

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