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Tiny Habits for Focus & Productivity

Taught by Mark Channon


Tiny Habits for Focus and Productivity will show you how to create the right set of habits to optimise your productivity and realign your focus.

What does productivity mean to you? Why do some people seem to have deep levels of focus, and others struggle with a cycle of procrastination? In an age of social media overload, how can you get the right stuff done at the right time without risk of distraction?

In this actionable course with Mark Channon, author of The Memory Workbook and one of the worlds first Grand Masters of Memory, you will learn how to deal with sources of distraction and optimise your time without overloading yourself. 

 Not only will you unlock mindsets for peak performance, you will discover how to create a system for productivity, better identify your priorities, and how to focus your mind for deep work.

This course is for ...

  • Anyone looking to improve their focus and increase their productivity
  • Anyone who struggles with brain fog, feeling distracted or overwhelmed with their workload and is in need of a strategy to be more efficient


Behind the Scenes Video: Click to watch

What People Are Saying:

Mark is incredible, with a deeply personalised approach that starts with a real understanding of your goals. I was blown away by how quickly I started seeing progress and I can't recommend him enough.


The first program that’s given me great traction on my self-improvement journey.

Cindy Hanson

As a psychologist, I am impressed with Mark’s extensive writing and training in high performance habits.

Mark Aron

Mark is not only a fantastic coach but an inspiration. As a coach, he's resourceful, creative, and really helps you break down any barriers you have to be able to get the result you require.

Phill Ash

Mark has taught me important systems, mindsets and strategies over the past 4 months. Through the coaching I've been able to take more responsibility and get more done whilst being happier. Great coach and person, thank you!

Joe Walker