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Tiny Habits for Connecting Kids with Nature

Taught by BJ Fogg & Stephanie Weldy


Imagine a household where your family appreciates outdoor time, tends to house plants, spends time together away from screens, and actively explores that natural world as a favorite way to be together. Make this kind of experience of the natural world a part of your family culture with Tiny Habits for Connecting Your Kids with Nature.

Yes, Tiny Habits can help you succeed. 

Together with Dr. BJ Fogg, Behavior Scientist at Stanford University and the New York Times bestselling author of Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything, and his leading teaching colleague, Stephanie Weldy, you will learn how to use the Tiny Habits Method for Connecting Your Kids with Nature.

BJ (the favorite uncle in his big family) and Stephanie (a mom of two tiny humans) invite you to join them for an uplifting and practical course in learning how to nurture your family’s relationship with nature. 


Without having to lecture your kids away from their tablets or ask the digital assistant to set yet another timer before screens get turned off, you’ll learn how to build new habits into your family’s existing routines that nurture their curiosity and connection to the natural world. 

You’ll find this course a breath of fresh air: easy-going, incredibly practical, and aligned with your aspirations for your family.


In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to form habits for lasting change
  • What new habits to try with your kids
  • Myths about behavior change and why past efforts have failed
  • How to help your kids connect with nature in ways they care about
  • The most reliable way of bringing new habits into your life–quickly and easily


Additionally, you will also have access to:

  • Downloadable resources with Tiny Habits Recipes (50+ ideas for your family!)
  • Customizable worksheets for interactive and practical learning
  • Specific guidance for how to practice new habits
  • Habit Recipes that can be modified to fit your family’s lifestyle


Course FAQ: 

How do I know if this course is for me? 

This course is for anyone who wants to help connect their family – or household – with nature. You know the benefits of being in nature, but making a habit of it in the time of tablets and screentime can be a continuous struggle. Forget willpower and the myth that you just need to get the family motivated–instead, this course guides you step by (tiny) step into a new way of connecting your kids with nature.


Do I have to have kids to take the course?

Yes, the course is designed for families with kids aged 2-12, BJ and Stephanie will be your supportive guides. You’ll find the course is designed for people within a household who are interested in bringing habits of appreciating and exploring nature’s amazing variety with curiosity and interest.


Do I need special access to trails, parks, or a yard/garden?

No (garden) tools required! The entire course can be modified to fit your family life–whether you live in an urban environment or a rural setting. All of the content is customized to show you how to use the Tiny Habits Method for connecting your kids with nature. Dive in and you’ll find it’s practical, simple, and even fun!