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Tiny Habits for Happy Midlife with Ease and Flow!

This ten-module course is created for women givers over 40 to learn how to use tiny habits as strategic pauses to consciously shift our intention, attention, and emotions to generate sustainable happiness, ease and flow.

這十堂網上課程是為超過四十歲的中年女性設計的。利用微習惯來設定有意識的暫停,達到把每天的用心,注意力和情绪, 轉成常性的快樂,輕鬆和活動力。


It is the introductory course for Pei-Ming Sun/SUNNY’s signature coaching program, Golden Keys into Midlife Happiness & Prosperity. Happiness is the most essential element for habit building and midlife transformation; and our lifestyle with ease and flow is indeed required to boost DNA health and slow the aging process. Her signature coaching program has been created to transform women over 40 via well-designed processes & cutting-edge strategies based on modern science, ancient wisdom, world-wide evidence and her own experience.

這堂課是Sunny 的特殊課程,快樂及欣榮中年的金鑰匙,的第一部分。心情保持愉快是建立好習惯及中年轉型的重要因素; 生活輕鬆自在则可以维護基因健康及遲缓老化。Sunny 根據 自己的經驗,收集世界各地的見證,再容入現代科學的發展及古老文化的傳承,來協助超過四十歲婦女健康中年轉型的過程。


The main EIGHT benefits to work with Sunny for midlife transformation are: 

参加Sunny 的中年轉型課程, 主要的八大益處:

  • More flexibility to adapt unstoppable changes  更多生活彈性

  • More energy to experience life 更多生活能量

  • More quality time to share with others 更多生活時間

  • More space to appreciate self and others 更多生活空間

  • Less stress & anxiety to deal with 减少生活壓力及担憂

  • Less negativity to carry on 减少生活負面能量

  • Less rigidity to build better relationships 减少生活僵化

  • Less DIS-ease to go through midlife transition 减少中年病因

What others said about Sunny:

I really enjoyed the practical tips and advice Sunny had for us. A lot of presenters motivate you or operate on theory. I left Sunny's workshop with action items to apply in my own life, immediately. I am also intrigued about changing habits. I struggle with confidence around food preparation, cooking and simple, fast but healthy meals. Change in this area for me would lead to more energy and a better life in all areas

Lucy Brenton

Your knowledge is AWESOME. Oh! And I loved to hear more about some of the alternative practices that you did last year during your own transformation

Lynn Silva

Sunny set a good example of effective instructional design for adult learners. She talked about the need for learners to identify their "why", their motivation. She also spoke of the importance of consistency and modeled that in her presentation. She showed confidence in her subject matter, speaking from her own personal experience and wanting to share what helped her re-balance to a healthy lifestyle. She offered ancient wisdom as a remedy for the stressful, unbalanced lives we may experience.

Anonymous Participant