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Tiny Habits for Brain Health

Taught by Dr. Shabnam Das Kar & Jennifer Lee


Do you want to keep your brain sharp no matter what your age? Would you like to feel more focused and productive? Did you know that keeping your brain healthy can impact your mood as well as your mind? Whether you are getting older, have a family history of dementia, or just have a brain and want to keep it healthy (that’s all of us!), this course will show you how. 


Join Tiny Habits certified coaches Dr. Shabnam Das Kar and Jennifer Lee, M.Ed. as they teach you what will harm your brain and how to keep it healthy, including: 

  • The 3 foundations of brain health
  • The 5 core strategies for brain health
  • Additional strategies for staying sharp

You’ll also learn how to hack your behavior for maximum success. We’ll cover tools and strategies such as:

  • The essentials of the Tiny Habits Method
  • How behavior happens
  • How to choose the behaviors that are right for you
  • How to create Tiny Habit recipes
  • How to untangle unwanted habits

This course includes:

  • 18 modules 
  • 71 lessons
  • A total of 8 hours, 34 minutes of video content
  • 40+ Tiny Habit recipes for brain health
  • Additional PDFs and helpful links
  • Customizable worksheets
  • A workbook with all downloadable content


Disclaimer: This course, including but not limited to videos, text, graphics, and links, are for informational purposes only. No material in this course is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your health care provider before making changes to your health care regiment.


I am now excited and all pumped up to create new healthy habits every week.

Making consistent changes has always been challenging and now feels possible.

Tiny habits can definitely lead to bigger changes. Loved how such a small action leads to a bigger momentum.

Jennifer Lee is a fantastic teacher. She's great at breaking down concepts into "tiny" pieces.

You have the most comprehensive course... So good!