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Break the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle: Tiny Habits for Nutrition and Weight Loss

Taught by Jenni Miner


Break free from food restrictions and the continual diet cycle!

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • woman between the ages of 35-58
  • entering (or are already in) the menopausal transition
  • what used to work for you to get healthy and lose weight in your 20's is not working anymore
  • tired of quick fixes (that don't last)
  • don't want to cut out entire food groups, restrict food choices, or be forced to eat a specific diet
  • wanting to build a healthy relationship with food through healthy lifestyle approaches
  • want to maintain nutritional habits that will last me into active adult life

The course uses the Tiny Habits method to teach the best (scientific) way to build healthy habits into your life - which does NOT require great amounts of motivation or willpower. In fact, the habits are designed to become automatic in your life and will fit into your already-existing daily routines.

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If you are wanting a healthy approach to nutrition, one that will last a lifetime, this is the course for you! Especially if you like to have a little bit of whimsical fun.


Behind the Scenes Video: Click to watch


Beyond gaining access to…

  • 50+ Tiny Habit Recipes to help you with your nutrition
  • 20+ Worksheets/Forms/Resources to help you build better eating habits
  • 20+ of my favorite (food) recipes

…you will also spend 10 short modules learning crucial information on how to break the yo-yo diet cycle and gain more confidence and control over your nutrition habits and habits around losing weight. An outline of the Modules is provided below.


Module 1 – Intro & Logistics (22+min)

Broken down into five lessons, this module reviews the nuts and bolts of the course, how everything works, allows you to meet your instructor and learn more about her background, learn how to embrace the role of a scientist to have less emotional response to successes and struggles when it comes to nutrition, and take a dive into the goals you are setting up for yourself. 


Module 2 – Tiny Habits Basics (42min)

In these five important lessons, you will learn why relying on motivation and willpower has been serving you wrong all these years, how to create the most successful habits, the three key elements of building habits, how to create a well-designed Tiny Habit Recipe, and learn how to start putting the Tiny Habits Method into action in your own life.


Module 3 – The One Habit to Rule Them All (24min)

In the three lessons of this module, you will learn the first (and more important) step/rule to help you eat more healthily and begin losing weight without ever needing to cut any food groups out of your diet. If you only learn ONE thing from this course, THIS is the one to take to heart.


Module 4 – Tiny Habit FAQs (23min)

This module is divided into four lessons that delve deeper into the Tiny Habits Method, and how to make it work best for you. You’ll learn five ways to design a habit, a clarification of what Tiny Habits is and what it is not, and how to hack our emotions to form habits.


Module 5 – Tiny Habits Check-In (18min)

In this module (three lessons), we will revisit the scientific method and troubleshoot habits you have been already practicing during your days. We recommended you complete a few days/weeks of practicing Tiny Habits recipes before you continue with the second half of the course. 


Module 6 – Building Awareness (23min)

Being aware of what your body is feeling and experiencing can help you incredibly in your weight-loss journey. The three lessons in this module will help you be more aware, and teach how to use those physical, mental, and emotional feeling to work in your favor.


Module 7 – Habiteer Culture (13min)

Module 7 spends three lessons reviewing what it looks like to be a part of the Tiny Habits Community (by the role of being a “Habiteer”). We will describe what your life could look like, how successful you could be reaching your goals, how to surround yourself with more people who “think” and “act” like you do, and how to bring the Habiteer culture into your own home or place of work.


Module 8 – Who’s the Boss? (22min)

You may think you only have one brain in your body, but there actually exists a Two-Brain Problem in every person. Learning to know which brain is impacting you more at any given time will help you have more control in your life (and over what, and how much, to eat). In the second lesson, you also learn my (absolute) favorite nutrition habit that will help you with your cravings, and in the final lesson of this module you’ll learn how to set your environment up for success.


Module 9 – Give Me MORE! (32min)

Are you tired of always being taught to cut foods out of your diet to lose weight, when really what you want to do is eat MORE? If this sounds familiar, this is a lesson designed for you! We start in the first lesson with talking about the repercussions of what happens when you remove foods from your diet, and then spend the next three lessons talking about how to add MORE nutrients and foods into your diet, and end in our fourth lesson talking about something else that is essential to add to your days – self-compassion.


Module 10 – Course Wrap-Up (10min)

This final module of the course design is intended to remind you of how far you’ve come since the beginning of the course, encourages you to share the knowledge you’ve gained, and allows for a final evaluation.


BONUS Module (37min)

After completion of the entire course (as it was designed), you will have a bonus module released for you. This bonus covers important information for losing weight that didn’t quite seem to fit in the other modules. The four lessons include information on appropriate portion sizes, how sleep impacts weight loss and nutrition, and delves into the best kind of exercises to do to lose weight (Jenni is also a professional Certified Exercise Physiologist).

Meet Your Instructor

To learn more about Jenni, feel free to visit her at any of the following sites:  Website     Facebook     Instagram     LinkedIn


In this course Jenni does a wonderful job of explaining the science of dieting and giving lots of tips and tricks on how Tiny Habits can help make you successful.

I love the variety of video types, the simplicity of the process, and how encouraging you are! I especially love the Tiny Habits recipe examples so I can implement the strategy without having to come up with my own

I already want to go back to previous lessons a couple more times – so many good insights!